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  November 2018 news    

Dan Newman of Manor Farm, Cattistock, taking delivery of a tawny owl box and a barn owl box, both made by Phil Evans, from Merrily Harpur in September this year.

David Orr, our conservation liaison officer, arranged a visit by the conservationist Danny Alder and his wife Heather on Friday 26th October, to put up three tawny owl boxes - two in Cattistock and one in Chilfrome.

One is in the churchyard hornbeams (on the Ellerslie side), one is in John and Sue Willows’ front garden up Kennel Lane, and one is in the Tosswill’s meadow in Chilfrome, the far side of their pond. 

Dan Newman has already installed their barn owl box in their new barn at Manor Farm, Cattistock, and aims to put up his tawny box on one of the big trees at the base of Castle Hill very soon. Thrillingly he reports that a barn owl was seen near the barn in the last week of October - maybe prospecting for a nest site. Fingers crossed...

Harriet and Geoff, of Benville Manor, have also had a new Phil Evans barn owl box installed in their barn. We await results!

Now all we need to do is listen out for the two-whit-too-whooos. I heard a tawny passing along Duck Street on the night of the 26th Oct (a good omen I thought) and Sean Lavan, who lives in Cattistock Square, heard one from the direction of the cricket pitch on Hallowe'en night.

 Please let me know if you see or hear any others, and I will post the info up here. Include whereabouts it seemed to be, and when you heard it. My email is and my phone numbers are 01300 320064 or mobile 077993 77661

More news - especially about our hirundines - and photos soon. Meanwhile, ears and eyes peeled everyone!


    Above: Three tawny owl boxes in Phil Evans's workshop at Wallis Farm, awaiting distribution, Above: One of Phil's beautiful barn owl boxes, destined for Dan Newman's barn at Manor Farm, Cattistock.  
    Above, left and right: Dan Alder putting up one of his own tawny owl nest boxes in the churchyard hornbeams.  
    Above: David Orr with one the RSPB's tawny boxes at Chilfrome.         Right: Dan Alder risking life and limb to put it up.  
    Above and right: Dan Alder putting one of Phil Evans's boxes in the Willows' front garden.
    Above: Dan Alder's photo of two the prospective inhabitants of the boxes  Above: Sue Willows with her beautiful stuffed barn owl Hilde. John found it dead by a road and Sue had it immortalised.  
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If this could be you, please contact our secretary:  Merrily Harpur, 7Duck Street, Cattistock, DT2 0JJJ   01300 320064 / 077993 77661
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