The Dorset Owl & bird Box Society
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    Newsletter - November 2018 - click here for boxes update.  
    The Dorset Owl and Bird Box Society is based in the Frome Valley in West Dorset. Our aim is to maximise the opportunities for owls, and other birds which use boxes, to find suitable roosting and nesting places in the domestic and farm buildings of our area. To this end our noble volunteers seek out and identify good places to site boxes, liaise with landowners, The Wildlife Trust and other charities, make bird boxes and/or raise money to buy them, and finally install them.  
    We welcome new members, and anyone willing to host a nest box, make one, donate one, research one or help put one up.
If this could be you, please contact our secretary:
Merrily Harpur,
7 Duck Street, Cattistock, DT2 0JJ
01300 320064

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      Barn owl at Wiveton Hall - oil painting by Merrily Harpur